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Pricing for Classes

Class Rates & Options – NO joining or annual membership fees!

We encourage you to please bring your own mat. There are wonderful new mats available for purchase at the center as well as skid-less mat covers.

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CLASS PASSES NO Monthly Commitment or Renewel
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$70/5-class pass (1 YEAR EXPIRATION date) Can be shared with family members


$130/10-class pass no auto-pay (1 YEAR EXPIRATION date) Can be shared with family members

COST BREAKDOWN:  $13/class

$140/ UNLIMITED class pass (good for 30 days from date of purchase) Individuals only

  • 12 CLASSES        $12.00/class
  • 14 CLASSES        $10.00/class
  • 16 CLASSES        $8.24/class
  • 18 CLASSES        $7.37/class

Sessions good for all regular Yoga, T’ai Chi, & Feldenkrais classes.   Special Classes and Workshops priced separately.

Amazing Monthly Unlimited (3 month commitment)

$79/Amazing Monthly Unlimited

Many students who practice more than once a week will find our monthly unlimited program to be the most economical payment plan. At $79 a month, it works out to be about $5 to $10 per visit, depending on the number of classes you take (See examples below).  You may cancel any time after the first 3 months with a 30-day written notice. This contract for the Monthly Unlimited Plan is for individuals only and cannot be shared. If you want to share with family members, one of our 10-class passes would be best. This Monthly Unlimited Offer requires an auto-renew with your Visa or Master credit or debit card. You will receive monthly unlimited benefits:
  • Unlimited classes for 30 days
  • Student Advisor support
  • Your own key tag for easier check-in
  • 10% OFF retail purchases at AYC

There is a commitment for a minimum of 3 months on this plan. After 3 months, this monthly unlimited plan renews from month to month. A one month advance written notice of cancellation is required. This commitment for monthly unlimited classes is for individuals only and cannot be shared.

COST BREAKDOWN @ $79/month
  • 8 CLASSES $9.87/class
  • 10 CLASSES $7.90/class
  • 12 CLASSES $6.58/class

10-CLASS PASS with RENEW Probably the best deal if you come to fewer than 6 classes per month. We give a price break for the auto-pay because it helps things to flow at class sign-in. Many of us show up for class just in time, and if our pass is “used up,” we (and sometimes the teacher) have to take the time to buy a new one (or try to remember to do it after class).  With auto-pay, your pass automatically renews with another 10 classes after the final class is used up. It favors flow for all of us.

You can save money and time with AYC’s 10-class pass auto-renew program.
For $120 you will receive 10 classes, plus:

  • Student Advisor support
  • Your own key tag for easier check-in
  • 10% OFF retail purchases at AYC

This is a 10-class pass, auto-renew program at $120.  This  is a commitment to have your 10-class pass automatically renewed once you have used all 10 classes.  10-class passes are good for 1 year from the date of the first class attended (way longer than many studios;-)

Class Pass can be shared with family members.

COST BREAKDOWN:  $12/class

Price: $120


$70 (5 class pass)
$130 (10 class pass)

Private and Semi-Private Sessions

Curious if your down-dog is right? Does your Eagle crash? Always wanted to learn to stand on your head safely?  One-on one and small group sessions afford much more individual attention.

Private Sessions —

All private sessions 1 hour
Private Sessions with Andrea Fournet $90
Private Sessions with all other instructors  $75

Private Sessions have a four student maximum. Available session times depend on teacher and studio availability. Sessions held in upstairs studio at AYC.

Please email us with any questions at or call AYC at 479-521-YOGA (9642).

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