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Tai Chi

T’ai Chi consists of fluid, gentle and graceful circular movements
relaxed and slow in tempo.  Breathing is deepened and slowed. This aids in visual and mental concentration, relaxing the body and allowing energy or “Qi” (to the Chinese, an energy or life-force inside each person) to flow unimpeded throughout the body.  These techniques help to integrate the body and mind, and allow the achievement of total harmony of the inner and outer self.  To the Chinese, it follows that a person living in harmony is more likely to be happy, fulfilled, and healthy. See Class Schedule

T’ai Chi Ch’uan is the most famous Chinese martial art of the internal style.  Internal styles place emphasis on breathing (Qigong) and the mental/spiritual component of their training.  The execution of the martial art movements are generally softer, in contrast to external styles that tend to be hard or harsh (for example, Japanese Karate or Korean Tae Kwon Do).

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