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Walk Through The Puddle with Kundalini Yoga   2016-01-24 11
Saturday with Jimmye Whitfield
July 23, 2016  1-5pm  –  $75
The pure nature of Kundalini has allowed each generation for thousands of years to find personal meaning in the practice. The objective is to help people actualize their Higher Self. Kundalini does not claim to be the way; it is simply a way, one tool on each individual’s journey to personal discovery.
Coni Lewis Lopex

Special visit from Coni Lewis Lopez, Licensed Healing Facilitator:Coni has studied extensively with various Masters of Alternative Medicine from all over the world and has discovered that all of her offerings are best when authentic.  This discovery, led her to the Ultimate Journey Within…  Through means of Energy, Massage, and Harmonic Vibrational Therapies, Coni acts as an Inward Tour Guide for groups and/or individuals of all ages, seeking to sustain and maintain wellness and balance for The Spirit, Mind, and Body.


BryanPortrait-Color (2) - Copy
Learning Sanskrit pronunciation with ease
Sanskrit for Yoga and Philosophy
Chanting and Kirtan
Sunday with Bryan Fowler
July 24, 2016   10am-2pm  –   $75

We will take a fun and easy approach in our exploration of Sanskrit and its use in yoga. We will practice pronunciation to help increase confidence when using Sanskrit in classes.  We will learn the differences between Mantra, Chanting and Kirtan, and how chanting has been used throughout the ages to calm and focus the mind and to preserve and pass forward philosophy.


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