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Sean Johnson & The Wild Lotus Band     May 13-15

Sean Johnson & The Wild Lotus Band (Alvin Young and Gwendolyn Colman) are regarded as one of the guiding voices of kirtan music in America- a genre of spiritual music that originates in the yoga traditions of India, and is being reinvented by a growing number of western artists. Sean, Alvin and Gwendolyn put a New Orleans and American stamp on kirtan by merging ancient mantras with rock, funk, gospel, and world grooves. Their dynamic music has opened peoples’ ears and hearts within and beyond the yoga world.11659318_797283483712265_2261708748932781335_n

Sean is also a well-loved yoga teacher who teaches at conferences and retreat centers internationally including Yoga Journal, Kripalu, Bhakti Fest, and The German Yoga Conference. Sean is the founder of Wild Lotus Yoga studios in New Orleans, and Soul School, an interdisciplinary yoga teacher training program that focuses on teaching yoga with both skill and imagination. He has a Master’s degree from The Naropa Instutute with focus on teaching chant as spiritual practice, writes for Yoga Journal, and is the co-curater and co-producer of Putumayo World Music’s yoga music series. His signature “Bhakti On The Mat” workshops, accompanied by the band, integrate bhakti and hatha yoga, playfully weaving yoga, music, chanting, storytelling, poetry, and ritual. The band also hosts 8 Day BHAKTImmersion retreats in New Orleans.11150703_10152897258447993_7255350383995729831_n








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