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Andrea Fournet, E-RYT500

Andrea is the owner and director of the Arkansas Yoga Center, and head of the teacher training program at AYC. She has been teaching yoga in Northwest Arkansas since moving from Hawaii in 1993. Andrea is a certified Hatha yoga teacher, with training in the Anusara, Iyengar and Viniyoga traditions.  She is registered with the Yoga Alliance at the E-RYT500 level. She began her Yoga studies in Hawaii, and continues to train nationally and internationally. Andrea Fournet and Bryan Fowler are the co-creators of VariYoga, which is the style taught in classes and teacher training sessions at AYC, and in their workshops. Andrea’s TV Show “Yoga with Andrea”, currently airs on the Jones Television in Northwest Arkansas, as well as PBS/AETN throughout the state, Sundays at 4:00pm. Andrea enjoys sharing with others the many benefits of yoga through her group classes, private and semi-private sessions. Learn more about Andrea’s journey from her KUAF interviews:

Andrea Fournet is currently teaching:

Linda O’Connell, CVYT/RYT500

Linda O'ConnellLinda is a certified VariYoga teacher with her RYT500. Linda enjoys teaching therapeutic yoga. She applies her years of experience and teaching for AYC, in her gentle yoga classes helping guide students with physical limitations and beginners to a life of flexibility and increased health. Linda loves sharing the benefits of yoga to whom ever she comes in contact with.
Linda O’Connell is currently teaching:

Jimmye Whitfield, CVYT/RYT500

Jimmye is a certified VariYoga and Kundalini instructor, and she has attained her RYT500 with the Yoga Alliance through AYC’S teacher mentor program with Andrea Fournet. Jimmye has been practicing hatha yoga and Siddha Yoga Meditation for over three decades. Having lived in several African countries as a missionary as well as extensive studies in India since 1971, she has shared her experiences with others all along the way. Her teaching continue to excite and inspire her students each and every day.

  • Kundalini Level 2-3 (Saturday 10:30am to 11:30am)

Kristin Loman, CVYT/RYT500

Kristin is a certified VariYoga instructor, and she has attained her RYT500 with the Yoga Alliance through AYC’S teacher mentor program with Andrea Fournet and Bryan Fowler. She has been teaching since 2004 at various locations in Northwest Arkansas, and began teaching at AYC in January of 2006.
Kristin Loman is currently teaching:

Charlotte Ray, CVYT/RYT200

Charlotte RayCharlotte is a certified VariYoga yoga instructor. Charlotte is delighted and surprised by the gifts that yoga gives one physically, mentally and spiritually, and she looks forward to helping others discover these gifts. She has a B.S. in medical technology, and has worked in the WRMC lab in Fayetteville since 1994. Charlotte shares  her gifts of gardening through her beautiful bouquets she brings to the center.
Charlotte Ray is currently teaching:

Jimmie Thomas, CVYT/RYT500

Jimmie is a certified VariYoga teacher with her RYT500.  Her introduction to yoga was in 1994 when she walked into a Kripalu class in Massachusetts and fell in love with the discipline. She brings her enthusiasm and sense of humor to her classes.
Jimmie Thomas is currently teaching:

Nicole Olmstead, CVYT/RYT500

Nicole is a certified VariYoga teacher with her RYT500.  She has been practicing VariYoga, Iyengar, and Vinyasa yoga for the past 8 years, as well as teaching a dance/movement class.  Nicole’s educational background is in mental health and her joy and awareness of the healing benefits of bodywork have inspired her dedication to yoga.
Nicole Olmstead is currently teaching:

Susan Porter, CVYT/RYT500

Susan is a certified VariYoga teacher with her RYT500.   Susan has been practicing yoga for over 5 years. Her interest in yoga developed as she realized that yoga is not only tremendously beneficial for the body, but has healing and calming effects on the mind as well. Susan is deeply passionate about yoga, its philosophy, and healing abilities. Susan firmly believes yoga should be accessible to everyone as a medium for growth and balance.
Susan Porter is currently teaching:

Marilyn Swartwood, CVYT/RYT200

Marilyn SwartwoodMarilyn is a certified VariYoga instructor and received her training at AYC. Being a breast cancer survivor, she has personally benefited from the calming and healing effects of a regular yoga and meditation practice. Marilyn is always excited to share the yoga path with others and to encourage their individual journey toward improved health. Marilyn is an artist and an Emeritus Associate Professor of Art at the University of Arkansas. She enjoys daily hikes in the woods with her husband and their two dogs.
Marilyn Swartwood is currently teaching:

Susy Manon, CVYT/RYT200

Susy ManonSusy is a certified Variyoga teacher. She loves practicing and teaching Yoga. She loves all the Yoga philosophy and wishes that everyone should practice Yoga. She has been practicing yoga for over 6 years focusing on the styles of VariYoga and Ashtanga. Yoga has helped her to enjoy more of this journey of life. She loves to adjust, challenge and share her energy with her students. She feels very grateful to be a teacher at AYC because it’s a beautiful and inspiring center.
Susy Manon is currently teaching:


Nee Karas, CVYT/RYT200

Nee is a  mother of two young boys and wife, was introduced to yoga eight years ago and has been practicing consistently for the last two years. Prior to her training at AYC her primary influence was power yoga. Learning VariYoga at the teacher training program has given her great appreciation for other styles especially Iyengar. She loves that VariYoga is so inclusive and believes AYC has something to offer everyone from a beginner to an advanced practitioner. She started her yoga journey for the physical benefits and now enjoys the mental and spiritual aspects as well. Nee is honored to be a part of the AYC teacher family and looks forward to sharing her yoga journey with others.
Nee is currently teaching:

Carrie Davis, CVYT/RYT200

Carrie is a student of the VariYoga training at AYC.  She began practicing yoga to help with stress and flexibility but soon discovered the poetry of yoga between mind, body and spirit.  She loves to share and encourage others to look deeper into themselves and put a smile on their face.  Carrie is an owner of an AllState Insurance agency.

Carrie Davis is currently teaching:

Lynnlee Hutchison

Lynnlee counts AYC as her yoga home and is honored to be teaching here. Yoga is her passion and she loves to share and educateothers in the practice of yoga. She got her teacher certification from Asheville Yoga Center in North Carolina. She believes yoga is for everybody and has an upbeat, energetic style. Lynnlee has a Bachelor’s in History and a Master’s in Education from UALR which works well in teaching her passion.

Ginny Herrmann, CYVT/RYT200

Ginny fell in love with yoga in college, when she began practicing to help relieve back pain that she experienced as a teen and young athlete.  She hopes to educate people of all ages and abilities on the value that yoga can bring to their life.  She loves that VariYoga is accessible to all people, and looks forward to spreading her love for yoga to adults, teens, and children.

Stephanee Danielson, CVYT/RYT200

Stephanee is completing the VariYoga Teacher Training program and has been practicing at the Arkansas Yoga Center for more than a year (she started her yoga journey with Andrea in 1995). She enjoys the relaxation and calming effects that yoga brings as well as increased flexibility. She appreciates the variety of VariYoga poses and flows and how it offers something for everyone, both the young and flexible and the more seasoned and less flexible. She enjoys sharing her love of yoga with others.

Helen Ames, CVYT/RYT200

Helen was introduced to yoga around the age of 10, thanks to her oldest sister. She is grateful to have become a certified yoga teacher through the VariYoga teacher training at AYC. She has enjoyed the mental and physical stability that yoga brings and looks forward to sharing the natural health and vibrancy that comes with regular practice. Come breath and just BE in class.


Kathleen Holloway,CVYT/RYT200

Kathleen began her serious yoga journey when she became a regular student at AYC in 2006.
She earned her VariYoga certification to enhance that journey.  Her long career in public
health helps her understand how essential good health is to sustain quality of life and she
believes that yoga is a vital way to stay young, healthy and happy.  Kathleen will be a life-long
student of yoga and looks forward to sharing her love and enthusiasm for yoga and the
Arkansas Yoga Center with others.

  • Restorative/Gentle Yoga (1st and 2nd Tuesdays / 6:30pm – 7:30pm)


Kate Frank, CVYT/RYT200

Kate recently completed her teacher training certification in VariYoga and is excited to begin sharing
this mindful, gentle yoga practice with the world.  Kate has studied yoga at AYC since 2009, and is a
certified teacher of the Alexander Technique since 1992.  Coming from an extensive background in
Theatre and Dance, she is interested in yoga as a movement meditation and an expression of our
True Self.  Kate is an Instructor at the University of Arkansas Theatre Department.

  • Restorative/Gentle Yoga (3rd and 4th Tuesdays / 6:30pm – 7:30pm)


Amber Pinter, RYT200

Amber has received her Hatha Yoga 200 hour certification from Shoshoni Ashram in Colorado.  She has been practicing for more than five years and enjoys teaching both yoga and at Fayetteville High School.  Amber is happy to be sharing her yoga practice at AYC.

  • Early Morning Power Hour Flow (Wednesday / 5:45am – 6:45am)



Terry Condren, T’ai Chi

Terry CondrenTerry has trained with Dr. Paul Lam, a medical doctor specializing in using Sun-style Tai Chi for people with arthritis. He brings to AYC experience teaching this form, as well as Yang styles.
Terry Condren is currently teaching:

Teresa Teravainen

Teresa is the owner of Bodha®, a licensed massage therapist, a certified holistic health coach and an authorized teacher of Awareness Through Movement® classes, a core part of The Feldenkrais Method®. Her private practice has been a part of the Arkansas Yoga Center since it moved to it’s beautiful location in 2005. A lifelong student of the body-mind connection, she has dedicated the past 15 years to making her passion her career, specializing in seeing each person as a unique being and customizing all of her knowledge into helping each person realize transformation in an embodied way.

Geoff Oelsner

Geoff OelsnerGeoff has practiced meditation in the Tibetan tradition since 1974, and is also familiar with Hindu, Taoist, Jewish, Christian and Islamic contemplative approaches. Since 1996 he has co-led a weekly Buddhist Meditation and Spiritual Support Group as a resource for people from all religious and philosophical backgrounds.
Geoff Oelsner is currently teaching:

Bryan Fowler, E-RYT500

Bryan FowlerBryan is a senior teacher-trainer at AYC. Bryan and Andrea are the co-creators of the VariYoga style, and Bryan is also the creator of the music soundtrack for the television show “Yoga with Andrea”, as seen on the Fayetteville Public Access, AETN/PBS, and UATV in Northwest Arkansas. He currently teaches teacher training sessions and workshops with Andrea at AYC in Fayetteville, classes at Marvin Altman Fitness Center in Fort Smith, as well as private and semi-private sessions.